An unofficial interview with the customer of the year Adeyemi Oyebanjo who won #10,000 Cash

Having known Emmytopup, a VTU home to have always been putting smile on her customer face, today own 24th, December 2020 is not an exception. It is even mind blowing.

According to the team, they don’t just sell alone, but also breed and build. Testimonials from their numerous customers as well has portal owners has been mind blowing.

Adeyemi Oyebanjo Gabriel who won the customer of the year 2020 with a cash of #10,000 as a token of appreciation by the entire staff and Admins of Emmytopup on the 24th December 2020 has brought about this interview by some of the Staff. Read It below.

Olumide: Hello sir, I’m here for an interview with you sir on the cash you just won (Smiles)

Adeyemi: (Excited) Feel, free even if I’m too excited to answer questions. You guys are the best.

Olumide: Alright sir. Where do you stay? from your data with us you stay at Lagos right? and how did you hear about us? was it through referral or through what means?

Adeyemi: Yes, Yaba at Lagos. Well, I heard about you guys 3 times before joining you fully. First, I saw you online (Google) during my normal search, I ignored it before seeing you again through Facebook Advertisement. This promted my registration. Having registered like I have done for so many, I forgot about you. Until I saw your mail in my inbox. so I was able to contact the support directly from there.

Olumide: Wow! this is over serious, Thanks to the mail o (Laughs). So what amount did you start with having known we are wallet based?

Adeyemi: As usual, start with what you can afford to loose. I started with the minimum which was #500.

Olumide: Okay, we noticed you are the one with the highest transanction history with #120,000 to be precise. How come? Are you selling for a whole village? Because according to when you joined us (Registered), it is just 5 month from now.

Adeyemi: I too don’t know how come o! But what I know is that I’m a heavy Airtime loader and Data user. And I started to monetize it by reselling it for people to make more money

Olumide: Wow, money idea! Having known the fact about the competition of this business as there are data resellers here and there, how did you scale through by protecting your nitch?

Adeyemi: various marketing strategy helped. I also learnt from you people as you are also specialised in helping businesses grow. So many strategy I learnt from you. and i never relent on my online visibility.

Olumide: That’s Interesting to know we also helped you in that area. Now, How much do you think you have gained from the your total transanction?

Adeyemi: I wished have been using biro to calculate since (smiles) But I can categorically tell you that I dont plan data money again like I used to do. I have also been loading airtime at my wish, Paying bills too and I know those are part of my gains. But apart from that, i can boldly say I cashed back 30k if not more sef.

Olumide: Good one. Do you know my Name? Do you relate with our support via name?

Adeyemi: This one is serious, No i don’t. In a chat I can see 4 different people so I don’t know the support online at that moment. I mean the support chat on WhatsApp.

Olumide: wow, well I’m Olumide the senior staff. Was formally a customer like you before promoted. and i think that is what will happen to you because we still need Staff (Smiles)

Adeyemi: Ahh, you people should do small small o

Olumide: Okay, I should be rounding up so that I can attend to other customers if I have one to attend too. how do you rate our services? I know our admins here are so strict. I am a staff anyways.

Adeyemi: Everytime with you wqs a friendly one. Your words are direct especially from those admins mouth (Lolz) I rate you guys support chat 80%

Olumide: Pass mark. anyways, we’d improve. Lastly, Was the Awoof timely? (winks)

Adeyemi: Very! infact after this, going to order for my tomorrow’s chicken. (Laughs)

Olumide: Hilarious! so we even tried (Laughs) Oya use this medium to say one or two things to our readers and other customers.

Adeyemi: I whole heartedly recommend them. Not because i won one or two things. But because I feel at home with them. Hardly have issues and hastily attend to issues when there is one. With you in mind has always been their national anthem.

Olumide: Wow! You have made my day! See you on market, thanks for your time.

Wow! what an interesting interview with the winner (Adeyemi) and the senior staff (Olumide) we highly use this medium to invite you in partnership with us. By the special grace of God, other customers Should be expecting their token on the 28th of this month!

Adeyemi: +234 818 174 2814 (whatsApp only)

Olumide: +234 905 285 3769 (whatsApp only)

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