Application form for EVS SME 2021 AWARD

Welcome!, it is believed you know about this award, its history before applying. If no, quickly visit you will be redirected here after completion

Emmybest Ventures Solutions SME’s Award 2021 is now open for small and micro entrepreneurs  to submit their applications for the SME’s award 2021. The Emmybest Ventures Solutions SME’s award in Nigeria is majorly targeted to help small businesses grow suddenly.

Many businesses from Nigeria apply and they are all involved in the contest but only one with the highest vote is awarded while other contestants including the winner will be given a free book to ruminate on.


Meeting up with the following criteria shows that you are qualified for the application process. The criterium are indirectively based on the qualitative measure a real business must have put in place.

>> Must be in the same Business not more than a year

>> Must be able to deliver the purpose of your business in not more than 30 words

>> Must be able to influence voters to vote for you to win

>> Must briefly explain how you run your business sustainably for a year without too much story

>> Must have a business identification like; Logo, flyer etc

Processes to Apply for the Emmybest Ventures Solutions SME’s 2021 Award

Applicant are to note that the application form for this year’s award is FREE OF CHARGE meaning there will be so many applicant so note the process very well to avoid being disqualified.

1. Applicant are to fill the application form correctly HERE

NB: One of the things that will defer your application is if some filled are wrongly filled, that shows you wrongly solve customers problem

2. After reviewing your application, our award team will send you a congratulations message in your mail that you have been shortlisted for the contest.

NB: We are shortlisting candidate because the form is free and we do not want to have over load of contestant so we will screen thoroughly.

3. Only shortlisted candidates will be sent a congratulations letter via their email 7days after the application deadline and would be required to give us their details needed for the upload.

NB: All applications filled online will be seen and reviewed, only successful ones will be contacted via mail. Do not send us mail or message if you are unfortunately unshortlisted.

4. Each vote costs #100 candidates are allowed to vote and to be voted for multiple times.

NB: The minimum vote to be given our free eBook is 15 votes for this year while the minimum vote before tagged a winner is 20 votes. No Maximum, Votes lesser than this won’t be awarded any of our gifts.

5. The winner would be announced at the end of votes.



6th July, 2021 to 23rd July 2021


2nd August 2021 – 23rd August


24th August

The following dates should be noted by paticipant.

AWARD : A live website that would bear the winner’s company name.

The winner would be contacted on details of how his or her website would be. 7 working days, it would be LIVE for FREE

Good luck

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