Emmybest Ventures Solutions SME’s Award under the Businesses on Fire community, is an annual award that seeks to recognize and reward qualified high performing businesses in Nigeria which has the high capacity to influence potential customers by content creation and social media marketing but less online visibility.

The SME’s award under the Businesses on fire community umbrella is currently in its 2nd phase, and is open to all small business from any state in Nigeria (Registered or not registered) so far they have successfully sustained more than one year in their present business.

Currently, only one business CEO representing his business will be awarded while others would be given a free eBook meant to boost their daily sales. The winner is majorly selected by the highest vote. All contestant must be able to prove how they market their various goods and services without forcing sales by influencing the highest vote on their business (This is one of our strategy to teach you marketing without looking majorly for the money, but by solving problems).

The Annual award contest is majorly carried out online, and no influence on vote is carried out. The vote is fully online and communication is by mail linking back to our domain. Disregard anyone pretending to be us, we will not message you during the contest. Processes of application might change if the need be as more skills and improvement will be done on yearly basis to enhance smooth process.

As said earlier, all participants in the contest will be given an ebook to read for free while only ONE  will be selected as the winner on the basis of having the highest vote. And the award issued will be what is highly demanded for a business owner to do or have at that point it time. We are target based as our name implies and that’s the major reason the award is been issued towards the end of the year.

The 2020 award winner was Olumide Isiaka of  Fabrics consult out of over 15 small businesses  contestant who contested. Because of God in us, he made over 50K by the one month Facebook ads award given by our company which was highly demanded at that point during the Corona period.

The exciting part is your business can apply every year🤗

This page will be updated just like we just did : Apply for the 2021 SME’s Award and read the full details required for this year’s award!

Good Success!