How to make over #15,000 Weekly through Data reselling

We want to show you how you can earn over 15,000naira weekly reselling only MTN data.
We have three main money-spinning packages at the moment viz Emmytopup  and Special BackRoom (SBR). This post advert is mainly on how to make nice profit daily from selling MTN SME. Selling products like Airtel Data and others will just be added bonus.

MTN SME data
At the moment, resellers sell 1gig MTN SME data at prices ranging from #400 to #500, depending on their location and competition. meanwhile, Emmytopup sells between #270 and #250, While SBR  hovers around #250 to #240

·      Note that the Portal (Emmytopup) has 3 Levels: Agent, Reseller and VIP

Let’s say you buy at #250 (VIP Level) and sell at #400…   

. If you sell 10gig a day at #400per gig you make a profit of #1500 daily; and #10,500 weekly  

· If you sell 20gig a day at #400 per gig you make a profit of #3000 daily; and #21,000 weekly

You can use the breakdown above for other prices too.
(Note that how much you sell depends on your location and the competitiveness of the market. Also, selling at a pocket friendly price maximizes profit).

Emmytopup presently sells one of the cheapest prices of Glo and 9mobile data in Nigeria. Compare the prices on our portal/app with what the companies sell on their official website then you will agree that you are in for some serious profits. 
Airtime/VTU prices on Emmytopup are also very friendly. Aside that, payment of GOtv, DStv or Startimes decoder subscription activates INSTANTLY.
To top that, our BULK SMS package on is friendly and reliable.
Why pay #50,000/#20,000 for a reseller portal?#
That is where the real income is. How many data can you sell on your own? Imagine recruiting dozens and scores of vendors to sell with you on your portal. Yeah, can you feel your pocket getting fatter already?

We have on record, a vendor who made over 30000naira via activation fees in the first three weeks that his portal went live. That already took care of his capital.

Emmybest Ventures

What do you need to do?
1. Register on our network. CLICK HERE

2. Get a sample/editable price list from us

3. Design an image price advert

4. Publicize your advert on social platforms

5. Sell and make cool profits.

Data is life. Why not convert your online and immediate community to income generating clients this holiday!
Our Emmytopup portal and mobile app have wide varieties of marketable products.  Enjoy seamless Transaction with our online payment integration. You can also enjoy coolest prices as an Investor (Reseller Portal Owner), fund your wallet within seconds and get your order delivered instantly.
As our registered user, you will have unrestrained access to countless periodic promotions.

For inquiries and feedback, you can reach us through WhatsApp/Call/SMS 08125288794, 08166529725.

This service is proudly sponsored by Emmytopup a subsidiary of Emmybest Ventures Solutions


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