How to refer and earn on EmmyTopup


1. Give the newbie yourreferral link or ref code. Guide the newbie to register on either emmytopup website or app. Ensure your referrals use your referral link or code when registering so that the portal can capture them as your downlines

2. Ensure the newbie registers correctly. It is embarassing when a newbie contacts us for password related issues minutes after registering.

3. Clearly tell the newbie the user levels. Agent level is free. Upgrade to Reseller and VIP are #500 and #1000 respectively. If your referral upgrades to Reseller or VIP you get #250 or #500 as bonus.

4. Guide the newbie to fund his/her wallet then upgrade to Reseller or VIP.

5. After upgrade is completed, contact the support department with the details of the newbie.

The portal automatically pays the referral bonus to your wallet the moment your downlines upgrades. You do not need to contact us for it.

The referral bonus payment is automated. Ensure your referrals use your REF CODE or LINK when registering. After they have registered, contact our support department with their details for manual approval. The portal is not open for every Tom, Dick and Harry.

Your REF CODE/LINK is on your dashboard.


Starting from 07/10/2021, we will pay the following bonuses to clients who refer new portal owners:


BONUS #2000 to Agents, Resellers and VIPs


BONUS #5000 to existing PORTAL OWNERS

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