Necessary features and how to install EmmyTopup VTU App

Are you a user of EmmyTopup or you are a customer of Emmybest Ventures Solutions?

Then, it is best for you to download our Mobile Android application.

Use the following steps to install the Application.

Step 1: Click on the  LINK here then you will be redirected.

Step 2: Click on DOWNLOAD Ignore the warning text it is just because it not yet published on Google play store. This is our next target anyways.

Step 3: After downloading the app, Click on the app or go to downloads on your browser then Click on INSTALL

Step 3: Chrome or other browser security check might show this, then you click on SETTINGS to edit your phone settings

Step 4: Click on Allow from this source

Step 5: If you have the updated Play Store on your phone, it will show you this, Click on INSTALL ANYWAY

Don’t worry, the App developer is right in your front. No worries, we know whatsup😃

Step 6: If you have a Phone Master App it will ascertain the safety of our App as you have seen above.

Boom! Open the App, and get ready to use.


1. VTU: You can buy any VTU Services from the App like Data, Airtime, bills payment etc

2. Blog: You will get access to our Company Blog and updates on business

3. Game: You get to play interesting game in leisure hours and enjoy yourself while you wait for sales

4. Social Media: You get access to our Instagram, Twitter and Facebook posts and also continue with your account if you wish while still on the App

4. Forum: You get to raise Topics while other Vendors or user’s can see it and reply. You communicate will other user’s

5. Notifications: Our Admins can communicate through the Notification post on the website.

6. Support Chat: Our Support Chat is directly inside the app.


1. It serves all your VTU purchases. You can purchase Data, Airtime, Pay Cable TV, Airtime 2 Cash etc

2. It Makes you have access to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter even while making sales

3. You get to know more about Digital Marketing by regular visit of the blog right inside the App

4. You get to know and ask questions from other Vendors who are already making waves

5. In leisure hours, the app is a place for FUN, You can play interesting game there.

6. It uses less Data than browsing directly from the Web

However, non VTU resellers, should make sure they register on EmmyTopup and buy your Cheap data MTN 1gb @ #250

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Thank you for visiting!

If you have installed and you are enjoying the App, kindly comment below for us to know.

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