Own your VTU resellers portal

Emmybest Ventures Solutions

Emmybest Ventures Solutions  presents you with state of the art VTU Reseller portals like Emmytopup. This will enable you to manage your own customer base. Your clients can directly register under you and start selling directly from your website.

Through trusted automation, your users/vendors will process airtime, data, tv subscriptions and electricity bills payment with ease and at great prices. Your portal will be powered by your #1 VTU portal – Emmytopup. All orders made on your portal are automatically sent to and processed on EmmyTopup in your name. The system is designed in a way that your users will not know the source of your products.

Our reseller portals come with three standard user levels, viz: Agent, Reseller and VIP. You can edit the names and specifications of these level names or even create more. Your admin dashboard is packaged to have basic stats that tells you how well your business is going, and you have the veto to set prices at which your users buy your products.

Special packages:

  • Buy MTN SME Data at #235/gig
  • Attractive prices
  • Dependable customer support
  • Mentorship
  • 24/7 service
  • Monnify (Wema/Rolez banks) Payment automation
  • Instant hints and updates
  • Personalized Mobile Android App (on request)

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